Újbudai Fogászati Centrum

a fogorvosi team - a csapat

For us at Újbudai Dentist Center our patients are our top priority and we would like them to forget any negative experiences they might have about visiting the dentist in the past. Besides the patient-centered empatic approach, we believe in good communication between doctor and patient. Our staff will provide you with a well-grounded diagnosis, and will explain the treatment options in detail, as well as clearly outline the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.

Their aim, besides curing dental problems, is emphasizing the importance and methods of prevention.

Dentist team:

Dr. Bíró Lukács MSc general dentist, dental-, implant surgeon

Dr. Gadó Julianna general dentist
Dr. Gimesi Szilvia general dentist
Dr. Nagy Aliz general dentist
Dr.Tomcsányi Ágnes general dentist
Dr. Tóth Nóra general dentist,dental braces specialist

Dental hygienist team:

Bazsó Szilvia
Csontos Sára
Lugosi Eszter
Molnár Ágnes
Nádasdi Zita
Németh Dóra

Koch Ida