Guarantee conditions

In the unlikely event of any problem, that is our fault, we shall restore the dental work free of charge. It is important to note that our guarantee only applies to our work and not the patient’s teeth or oral environment. If you have any problems or questions concerning the guarantee, feel free to contact us so that we can find a solution.

The guarantee only applies if the patient appears for prescribed check-ups every 6 months, abides by the recommended treatment (for example, calculus removal), and follows the oral hygiene prescribed by the doctor.

5 years

For fillings and minor restoration work.

10 years

For all dental treatment procedures and restoration work, including crowns, bridges and dentures, excluding the lining of dentures and the anchorage of removable complete dentures.

15 years

For implants

The guarantee will be invalidated if

  • The patient does not attend check-ups every 6 month
  • Oral hygiene is neglected
  • The patient suffers from a general illness that affects the chewing organ
  • The patient does not follow our dentists’ instructions
  • The removable restorations, removable partial or complete dentures, are not cleaned and maintained properly
  • The gum or the teeth bone is naturally reduced
  • The patient does not notify the dentist in time to validate the guarantee, or sees a third-party professional